Tantra in practice

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Contributors: White, David Gordon (Publisher, Editor)
Format: Electronic Book
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Published: Princeton, NJ Princeton University Press 2000
Enclosed titles:Introduction: Tantra in practice: mapping a tradition  (David Gordon White)
The Tantric guru  (André Padoux)
King Kuñji's banquet  (Matthew T. Kapstein)
Interviews with a Tantric Kālī priest: feeding skulls in the town of sacrifice  (June McDaniel)
A parody of the Kāpālikas in the Mattavilāsa  (David N. Lorenzen)
A trance healing session with Mātājī  (Kathleen M. Erndl)
The consecration of the monastic compound at Mount Koya by Kūkai  (David L. Gardiner)
Praises of the drunken peacocks  (Richard H. Davis)
Precepts for an emperor  (Allan G. Grapard)
Raising snakes in Bengal: the use of Tantric imagery in Śākta poetry contests  (Rachel Fell McDermott)
The wedding of Śiva and the goddess in the Kulālikāmnāya  (Teun Goudriaan)
An advertised secret: the goddess Taleju and the King of Kathmandu  (Bronwen Bledsoe)
Tantric rites in Āṇṭāḷ's poetry  (D. Dennis Hudson)
The Jain monk Jinapati Sūri gets the better of a Nāth Yogī  (Paul Dundas)
Longchenpa and the possession of the Ḍākinīs  (David Germano and Janet Gyatso)
The anonymous Āgama Prakāśa: preface to a nineteenth-century Gujarati polemic  (Robin Rinehart and Tony K. Stewart)
Conversation between Guru Hasan Kabīruddīn and Jogī Kāniphā: Tantra revisited by the Ismaʻili preachers  (Dominique-Sila Khan)
Emptiness and dust: Zen Dharma transmission rituals  (William Bodiford)
The necklace of immortality: a seventeenth-century Vaiṣṇava Sahajiyā text  (Glen A. Hayes)
The Tibetan practice of the mantra path according to Lce-sgom-pa  (Yael Bentor)
The ocean of the heart: selections from the Kulārṇava Tantra  (Douglas Renfrew Brooks)
Tantric Buddhism and Chinese thought in East Asia  (Fabio Rambelli)
Worship of the Ladies of the Dipper  (Charles D. Orzech and James H. Sanford)
The great wisdom mother and the Gcod tradition  (Giacomella Orofino)
Worship of Bell-Ears the great hero, a Jain Tantric deity  (John E. Cort)
Secret yantras and erotic display for Hindu temples  (Michael D. Rabe)
The six rites of magic  (Gudrun Bühnemann)
The worship of Kālī according to the Toḍala Tantra  (Sanjukta Gupta)
Ritual manual for the protective fire offering devoted to Mañjuśrī, Chuin lineage  (Richard K. Payne)
The purification of the body  (Gavin Flood)
A Tantric meditation on emptiness  (Donald S. Lopez, Jr.)
Japanese Tantra, the Tachikawa-ryū, and Ryōbu Shintō  (Bernard Faure)
Assorted topics of the great completeness by Dodrupchen III  (Anne Carolyn Klein ; oral commentary by Khetsun Sangpo Rinpoche)
On the seal of Śambhu: a poem by Abhinavagupta  (Paul E. Muller-Ortega)
Vajrayoga in the Kālacakra Tantra  (John Newman)
Jain Tantra: divinatory and meditative practices in the twelfth-century Yogaśāstra of Hemacandra  (Olle Qvarnström)
Cheating death  (Michael Walter.)
Series/Journal:Princeton readings in religions
Further subjects:B Tantric Buddhism
B Tantrism
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Item Description:Includes bibliographical references and index