RT Book T1 Ogier of Locedio T2 Cistercian fathers series JF Cistercian fathers series A1 Oglerius, de Locedio ca. um 1130/40-1214 A2 Jenni, Donald 1937- A2 Oglerius LA English PP Kalamazoo, Mich PB Cistercian Publ. YR 2006 UL https://ixtheo.de/Record/1628587458 AB In praise of God's Holy Mother -- On our Lord's words to his disciples at the Last Supper NO Includes index. - Umschlagt.: Ogier of Locedio: Homilies CN BT608 SN 9780879075705 SN 0879075708 K1 Mary : Sermons K1 Catholic Church : Sermons K1 Last Supper : Sermons K1 Sermons, Medieval K1 Sermons, Latin : Translated into English