RT Book T1 The Holy Bible: Douay-Rheims version; the Old Testament first published by the English College at Douay, A.D. 1609 and the New Testament first published by the English College at Rheims, A.D. 1582 A2 Challoner, Richard 1691-1781 A2 Tweedale, Michael LA English LA Latin PP London PB Baronius Press YR 2008 UL https://ixtheo.de/Record/1434574288 NO "The English biblical text in this edition, together with the notes and references is that of the 1899 edition of the Douay-Rheims Bible originally published under the Imprimatur of Cardinal Gibbons by the John Murphy Company of Baltimore, Maryland. The Latin biblical text in this edition is that of the Biblia Sacra juxta Vulgatam published as an electronic edition by Michael Tweedale with approbation by the Bishop's Conference of England and Wales from 9th January 2006"--Publisher's note on this edition. - Translated from the Latin. - Parallel text in English and Latin SN 9781905574445 SN 1905574444