RT Book T1 The Marks of Scripture: Rethinking the Nature of the Bible A1 Castelo, Daniel A2 Wall, Robert W. LA English PP Grand Rapids PB Baker Academic YR 2019 UL https://ixtheo.de/Record/1049549791 AB A theologian and a biblical scholar work out the four Nicene marks of the church (one, holy, catholic, apostolic) as marks of Scripture, offering a new way of thinking about the Bible AB Intro -- Half Title Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Contents -- Preface -- 1. The Ontology and Teleology of Scripture -- 2. Speaking of Scripture -- 3. Unity -- 4. Holiness -- 5. Catholicity -- 6. Apostolicity -- 7. The Church's Practice of Scripture -- Bibliography -- Scripture and Ancient Writings Index -- Subject Index -- Back Cover SN 9781493416752