RT Book T1 Marsilius of Inghen, treatises on the properties of terms : a first critical ed. of the "Suppositiones", "Ampliationes", "Appellationes", "Restrictiones" and "Alienationes" T2 Synthese / Historical library JF Synthese / Historical library A1 Marsilius, von Inghen 1330-1396 A2 Bos, Egbert P. 1947- A2 Marsilius 1330-1396 LA English LA Latin PP Dordrecht u.a. PB Reidel YR 1983 UL https://ixtheo.de/Record/02467205X NO Verf. d. Diss. ist Egbert P. Bos. - Text lat. und engl CN B765.M32 SN 902771343X K1 Logic : Early works to 1800 K1 Semantics : Early works to 1800 K1 Hochschulschrift